Special joys on Diwali

Special joys on Diwali



Diwali is a special time for bonding. This inculcates the rich tradition of sharing and observing certain rituals. Rituals only make us aware of our culture and moreover in urban homes this is the best way to take time from work or rather make time for the family. Observing the recession trends, extravagant purchases can be replaced with simple ones. This is a wonderful time to tell children about the story of Narakasura and the joy of lighting lamps.


Floating candles are a great way to brighten up homes. Let kids also participate in decorating the mud lamps with stickers and sequins. Kids love colors and they can make their own rangoli filling. Eatables can be home made and simple styles are loved by kids. Sharing joy comes with exchanging gifts or observing the Bhau Bheej which is an expression of love between a brother and sister.


Great feasts at home, lighting an array of diyas and keeping the house clean is the main joy about Diwali. Vacations give children free time and they can help us by arranging clothes or discarding their old toys. Cleaning can be fun by telling them to change the bed sheets or choosing the right cushion cover. Kids love lanterns and older kids can do simple craft creations in lantern making.


Donating clothes, diyas and sweets to the underprivileged is a great way to spend Diwali. You could go to the local slum and wish the kids with a few sweets. These gestures are reciprocated with love and appreciation. Crackers do not seem necessary as they pollute the environment. A simple indication of the same can do much to change their habits.


Other joys on Diwali can be partying together with friends or close family people. Outstation visits are again a wonderful way to rejuvenate the Diwali vacation. Bonding with family can be extended with Diwali holidays. Kids also need to understand that festive times also mean extra work for parents and they need to help out in laying the table or keeping the upholstery clean. Diwali is always special to all of us irrespective of age, caste or geography. Happy Diwali!!!!!!

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