Slow Child

Adults always seem to be in a hurry. We often think of no less than three things at one time that needs to be done. Just think about it; from the time you wake up to the time you hit the bed, how much time you spend in multi-tasking! Perhaps, you can’t really help it. Such is the pace of life that you always need to step up a bit to cope up with frantic pace of life. Now imagine being parents and having taking care of kids on a full time basis. There are too many tasks that need to be performed and almost all of them revolve around kids. Things get even more complicated when child is slightly slow for his age. That must be giving parents hard time.


Sight of slow children is no strange phenomenon. In fact, it is quite common. For example, some child take good amount of time to eat, some others take no less than half hour to get up from bed. Slowly, it becomes a habit for children. Now what could be the reason behind this slowness? Some kids are not just focused enough and some others are easily distracted. Quite a good number of children are slow to react to changes and actually resist new changes. They easily make particular set of activities as their comfort zone and are reluctant to move. Some others kids are just day dreamers.


Often parents resort to pleading or spanking when they see their child being so slow. But he won’t change. They know they are getting your attention and they won’t change that comfort. Also known as dawdling, children often use this tactic to get your attention. Teach your kid to be time bound. Explain them the value of time and how it affects life. Command your child’s full attention while instructing him. Try to be strict with your punctuality factor. Encourage your child to be independent. If child shows any improvement, reward him properly.

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