Single Parenting: What is the true picture?

Single parentingSingle parents often face various kind of social problems and taunts, which effect not only them but also their child. The best approach for this is to understand the truth and face it.

There are many questions regarding single parenting:-

Q1. Are single parents lonely and isolated?

Answer: No, despite of loss of a parent or divorce and re-marriages they participate actively in parenting their child.

Q2.  Do children of single parents have emotional and behavior problems and do they perform poor in academics?

Answer: No, Children of single parents can be healthy and emotionally secure as those from traditional families. On the other hand, a child from a traditional family can have psychological disorders due to various reasons.

Q3.  Do single-parent families mean ‘broken homes’?

Answer: Not at all.  In fact, single parenting teaches them to be independent and multitasking. They realize and understand the child’s need in a better way.

Q4. Adoption agencies prefer couples and single parents have to meet a long list of criteria?

Answer: Previously, Adoption agencies were having a different mindset for single parents who want to adopt child. But, a recent news i.e Sandip Soparrkar from Mumbai became perhaps the city’s first single man to adopt a child, three-year-old Arjun has changed the scenario.

Q5. Where to connect to other single parents and share experiences?

Answer: There is a community for Single parents on social networking site orkut which has around 162 members and is still growing. You can connect to them, talk with them and share mutual experiences. You can visit this blog for regular updates.

Along with single parenting, if each traditional family adopts an orphan child, it can solve various other related social problems. What do you think?

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