Single Dads- Perspective

Parenting is a tough job. It requires tremendous patience and energy. Yes, life becomes joyful with the arrival of babies but at the same time it also burdens you. So basically, it’s a hard job for parents whether you’re a two parent family or a single parent family. As we focus on our topic of single parenting, we come cross many revelations. Single parenting especially when the parent in question is a male, things can’t get tough than that. Whether it’s a single dad or single mom, things can be really difficult. But then, the word ‘easy’ never existed when it comes to parenting. However, there is one certainty and that is varying degree of hardness. Situation for a single dad is far from easy.


Thinking of it, all the hype and hoopla created by media and news channels over problems of being a single dad is not justified. It is equally tough for a single mom. A single dad can do almost anything that a single mom can except for feeding. The capability of single dads emerges from their desire of giving the best to the kids. There are several such examples in our society where single dads have proved to be hugely successful in imparting right values to their wards. The ability of single dads in handling kids is always doubted but the truth is they are as capable as single moms. Even the success ration registered by single dads is very encouraging.


Single dads can do all kind of jobs from teaching, playing, advising to solving matters of life. It’s really all in the mind. Perceiving the situation as impossible to tackle is definitely not going to help but yes, taking the bull by the horns approach will prove just right. Obviously, responsibilities will be many but then life is all about handling several responsibilities at different juncture of your life. It is also a great way to show the world your inherent capabilities.

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