Sibling rivalry

Though the birth of a new child in the family is the greatest source of joy, there is someone sulking in the corner vying for attention all the time. Pregnancy stage is the best time to let your older child know about the new addition in the family. Let them touch the tummy and feel the baby kicking. Show them mother and baby pictures and also how animals nurse their entire litter.


Make the child understand that since he or she is older, the little baby will have to be taken care off. Though easy to advice and say, this will be quite opposite when the child is born. Most families these days are nuclear and when the child suddenly finds the mother missing for some days ( delivery) he/she is totally shattered. Hence it is advisable to start a weekend routine or an hour each day to arrange for the child to be without the mother.


It is always better to include your child in activities like playing together with friends so that the child learns to share. School is a wonderful medium where the child learns to feed himself and also sharing. Older kids are filled with mixed emotions and it is possible that at times they may pout and sulk at the silliest reason. All they need is love and reassurance.


Let the older kid hold the baby under your supervision and also help you in changing the nappy. Show them how tiny the infants body parts are in comparison with him. Kids love excitement and it would be nice to teach them about stories and lullabies. Tantrums and outbursts will be common and one has to deal with a lot of patience. If possible one should arrange for a helper and get the child into some activity class. As the infant gets into the weaning phase the sibling also naturally adjusts.


As the kids grow up, along with silly fights they also bond well. There is everlasting love and happiness as they grow up and plan activities together. Celebrations and festivals add to the bonding and things are much simple when kids share amongst each other.

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