Shopping with your kids

Shopping for groceries or a visit to a supermarket or a mall with your kid can be a great learning experience for them. They cannot just be of help to you but this can become a part of practical learning for them.

It not only exposes them to variety of products but also helps them to make some quick calculations. Most parents feel that taking a child for shopping can be troublesome and embarrassing for them. However, you need to involve your kid with the shopping. Merely leaving your child behind while you are busy shopping can be boring for the kid as well.

While visiting a supermarket, inform your child of products that are unknown to him. If you are picking up a product, educate your child on how he should read the information given at the back of a product. For example, if you are looking for a lot fat cheese, show your kid what he should look for and show him how one should read the nutrition tables on eatables.

While you are shopping with your kid, you may interact with the salesmen at the counter. Let your child do the talking and give him tips on how he should communicate with the men at the counter.

You can also play some game with your kid by guessing prices of different products. Whoever is closer to the price wins the game! There is a lot to what your child can learn from trips to the supermarket.

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