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Most schools inform parents via their monthly syllabus about projects and presentations that has to be submitted during the month. For working parents, this is quite a hardship as creative ideas are not everyone’s forte. The last week, I heard a school asking children to make a puppet about farm animals and my friend actually struggled with a pile of card paper and glue. The main reason why school insists on such projects is to get everyone into the spirit.


Creative juices are present in children as they have keen observation skills. In the above case, the school has asked participation and not actually make puppets like stuffed toys that you would find in imported kid shops. The idea is simple and not elaborate filigree. There are so many websites that suggest origami and paper folding skills which can be done a size bigger to cover the hand of the child in case of puppet making.


Ask your child what they comfortable with. My friend made a puppet resembling a sheep with simple card paper and wool stickings and another parent came up with a simple idea of tracing out a horse and using threads to hold the same. If the child is good at dialogues then teach them a few lines. Rehearsing is important and choose a convenient time that is good for you and your child.


Other academic projects like solar system or making a bridge requires time and effort. Older kids are usually independent and just require you to shop for the right raw material and surely love ideas and encouragement. Encourage them to make a rough project and once they understand the loop holes they can consolidate on the real work.


It is always better to inculcate in children the value of being self dependent and this can be taught through example. Use home made pieces or waste items to do the projects instead of hiring the same. Let them help you to make the fruit chart or paint up the project. Appreciate them and display the project in the living room as a token of appreciation.

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