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Indian education is rich in its content. The education department of India is doing much to level up the curriculum by including broader concepts that are of global nature. With more streams coming up, parents are exasperated at the thought of getting the child into the best school and board. State level boards, ICSE and the latest seems to be IGCSE curriculum which is based on the Cambridge Board. International Baccalaureate or IB schools are chosen for the elite and affordable category.


School education is vital for all kids. The municipal  schools are also well run with many promotion programmes to educate the weaker sections in the society. The recent rewarding feat of giving one rupee to a girl child for not missing school was quite a success. Private and public schools are well managed by authorities who consider the valuable feed back from parents. Sanitation, assessment and PTA or parent teacher meets are regularly conducted for discussing the child’s progress.


School also serves the ground for children to interact. Celebration of various activities gets them together. Competitions are not done with the idea of classifying students but with the motive of inculcating participation. It is the duty of each parent to regularly go through the schools directive and the studies undertaken. Students love their teachers and helpers. For them it is a family.


Most schools are insistent on a healthy snack and a time table for tiffin is indicated. School also serves the arena for extra curricular activities. Schools coach students in sports like basket ball, hockey, football or skating. Gymnastics and yoga are also imbedded in the weekly sports. The schools usually employ professionals for teaching art, dance and music. This takes away the routine and kids enjoy the activity which makes them more interested in academics.


There are simple contests in state level like the handwriting or recitation and as kids are  exposed early, they emerge more confident. Dressing immaculately for school, arranging the compass box and books neatly has to be supervised by the parent. Kids need to understand to respect the teachers, helpers and also the property of school. The trait of success is punctuality, which is well instilled in the students mind with strict school timings.

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