School admission and first school interview

It is true that your toddler’s future actually depends on how he performs in his admission test at the tender age of 3 to 4. He is also required to give his first interview at this stage of life to secure a seat in a good school.

The prospect of pre- admission tests and interviews of little children is very scary for their parents.

The question is how to prepare your little one for such a crucial and important thing at this small age? As intelligent parents, you need to be aware of the pre-school admission process in detail. Most schools are clear about what they need your child to know. Your children are taught their alphabets, shapes, numbers and alphabet sounds by their play school teachers at an early age. However, educated mothers should also make a sincere effort to teach their children these basics at home with the aid of educational toys and books. Pre school admission tests aim at testing your child’s ability to follow simple instructions. The child’s lateral thinking skills, how he or she responds to pressure and his or her confidence levels are also tested in the interview.

Most good play schools make a huge effort to prepare your child for admissions to good schools in your area. As parents you should do lot of home work and make an intelligent choice (with school admissions in mind) when choosing the ply school for your child. By choosing a good play school you can make sure that your child will know what it takes, to take his first step in the real world. A good play school grooms the child perfectly for his school admission tests from day one. For example they start working with the child in December for a January interview.

Children whose parents are aware and active usually take the cake. My tip to you parents is to start early, even if you give only fifteen minutes in a day. Children are like sponges and soak anything that is told to them repeatedly. Increase the time you spend with your child to half hour gradually. This should cover both oral and writing skills. You should also point out things of interest to children on the streets, at home and the market to making learning an on going process through out the day. Children can be learning all the time from hoardings, number plates of vehicles, goods displayed for selling, books and newspapers. You parents should always be available and interested to answer their questions. Last but not the least, your confidence and composure at the time of the child’s test will go a long way in making him successful in his pre school admission test and interview.



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