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When I had my baby girl, I was over cautious as all new moms are. It was to an extent that I would sleep in one position all night so that my hand does not accidentally go over my baby. Anxiety is normal with the first born. Here I will share with you a few things I did for my daughter as we live in a nuclear family. Firstly we had designed the house with round-edged furniture which is essential when the baby crawls or walks. We also avoided glass tops or centre tables as this can be included later.


Plug holes are very much of a curiosity item to all kids. There are plastic stops available for the same and it is important to block them to avoid accidents. Another important rule is to keep the iron far away from kids reach after ironing. This needs to continue till kids are really big enough to understand danger. Never leave them alone in the house or teach them to lock doors.


Avoid stools in the kitchen. Keep medicines locked or high up from children. Keep sanitizers, phenyl or other items in the bathroom far away from kids. Always lock the bathroom doors or in case the lock is loose then tie a bell or a clanging item on the handle. Eventually locks and keys are loved by kids and they learn the trick and hence the bell serves as an alarm.


In case you need to cook with your infant around, choose a time when some one is available or else install a beeper in the baby’s room. Never keep toys and pillows near the baby’s sleeping area as they may gag on it. Infants wanting to turn over their tummies use their nose as support and hence it’s best to keep a watch on them.


Crawling babies are fun and exhausting for the care giver. They love to experiment with touch and taste and everything goes into their mouth. Use a disinfectant to clean the floor and also inspect the floor for screws, pen tops or tiny fancy items.


All kids love the make up tray and all of them think they are a personification of Spiderman. Accidental falls can be avoided by supervision. Parenting its tough till they get to be two but then naturally everything falls in line as they gain maturity.

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