Resuming work for new mums

Growth and development of the new born is very fulfilling for parents. A new mom seems satisfied with her life on seeing the child achieve the milestones. Constant care and assurance is essential to help the bond grow. Working moms usually face a dilemma of going back to work. For financial and personal reasons it seems important for many moms to take up jobs.

One sure option is flexible hours but parenting still stays a full time job. Weekends are the best time to bond and just be yourself. The minute chores of doing the laundry, attending to the demands of the older child and other social engagements may sap your energy but mild adjustments are necessary to enjoy life to the fullest. It takes almost a month to adjust to the new routine and if conditioned children adjust easily.

Having a dependable care giver solves most of the problem. Find someone to supervise the new care giver so that the child’s care is not compromised. Take help from your spouse or rather split up jobs so that there is less stress on yourself. A mother’s job is never done in a day. Nursing too is a devoted effort but thankfully breast pumps make the job easy. Try brunches on weekends and use simple meals to save time.

New moms must always upkeep their self esteem and physical appearance. Joining a gym will require time management but just go for a walk in the mornings. Schedule half an hour to yoga and learn the right way to mediate. Positive affirmations are a healing experience. Physical energy needs to be built but at the same time it is important to stay cool. Extra chores, children’s illnesses and personal agendas need multi tasking. But the truth is all moms do it excellently.

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