Raksha Bandhan

‘Delight’ is one word that sums up the look in a sisters eye when she sees her brother on the day of Raksha Bandhan. The holy thread that binds a brother and sister has a depth that cannot measured by its length or aesthetic appeal. Children look forward to Rakhi in a special way. The shops are already decked with chains of Rakhis that bring with it the vibrancy and festivity that will be celebrated on the 5th of August 2009.

One can actually thank the convenience brought in by technology especially for brothers and sisters who live apart in different countries. The online Rakhi thali and gifts is a special blessing that enhances the love between a brother and sister. The distance seems only a matter of geography as there are so many facilities that bring the bond closer. Grandparents and parents beam with joy when the brother’s forehead is adored with the tilak.

The sister is overwhelmed with joy while tying the thread on her brother’s wrist. Wishing the best things and happy tidings for her brother she also says a silent prayer so that the bond grows deeper each year. Brothers understand the meaning of the unexpressed emotions and yet playfully take their time to present a gift to their sister. For many families this is a get together time and all the members partake in this merriment.

To mark the occasion with more fervor lavish eats and sweets are a necessary inclusion. Reminiscing through the childhood days the sister tells the story of how she would lovingly dress up her baby brother and reach him to the play school. The brother also remembers the day the sister married and left for her husband’s home. Raksha bandhan is a festival that is celebrated in India without any cultural boundaries.

Decorating the puja thali is a quite a display of art. The thali is decked with flowers and other decorations to give it a festive appeal. The sweet is neatly placed in a corner. The Aarti is symbolic of our rituals and the tilak which is mixture of rice akshata and vermilion that cements the bond further with love. The knot of Rakhi on the brothers wrist also assures protection to a sister and a promise to be with her at all times.

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