Protect your baby’s skin


Baby skin is far more delicate and sensitive than an adult’s skin. One needs special attention to protect and soothe babies’ skin. Babies are usually susceptible to sunburns and other allergies because unlike adults their skin does not produce enough melanin which is an essential factor in protection of the skin.

Because sunlight contains Vitamin D, parents feel that they need to expose their sons and daughters to sunlight. However, this exposure need not be so direct that it leads to over exposure of the sun. Even if babies are placed in well lit rooms he or she is getting sufficient exposure to sunlight.

On the contrary when parents are travelling in the car, they often forget to protect their babies from harsh sunlight that is entering the car through the windows. Always remember to the roll the windows and make sure they have UV protection on it.

While travelling in the afternoon, make your baby wear full clothes and before going out remove the nappy and let your child be in a fresh airy room without harsh sunlight. This will also help to prevent rash. Clothes should not be too tight and should be made of easy soft materials like cotton and linen. Also make your baby wear a cap or a hat to protect the head from the heat. There are special moisturizing sun screens that are available for children that protect soft baby skin without causing any harm or side effect. Apply sunscreen on arms, legs and face and areas that are exposed to the skin.


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