Problem of Toddler Biting

One of the common problems faced by parents is biting problems by toddlers. A large percentage of young kids are afflicted with this problem. They say, growing up phase is accompanied by biting issue. For parents, it is definitely not a good sight to see their kids suffering from this problem. Biting is also stressful for kids. Parents must find out the reasons and try to curb this menace. It is not a onetime action. It will take few steps and some patience for parents to finally control this habit of kids. Getting angry is no solution to this problem. If parents lose patience then chances of kids becoming stubborn about this habit is very high.


Start with close observation. Don’t shout or scream at child. Just a simple ‘stop’ in a firm tone would suffice.  Use appropriate expressions and make your disapproval of his habit known to the child. You can further use corrective measures like assigning certain tasks to him whenever he is caught biting. Use time out or any particular work so that child gets the message about your seriousness of intent. Parents can also choose to remove the child from the place where he or she has performed biting. Stop showering love on him so that he knows what punishment he is getting for his bad habit.


Often kids fall prey to biting in order to express his displeasure or frustration at certain situations. It is also a way to demand something. Parents need to understand the exact cause. They can also explain to him that it is better to express through words than to bite. Express your hurt at his behavior. Teach him to say sorry whenever he bites.

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