Pregnancy problems

It is wonderful to be overwhelmed with so many caring people around during the nine months of pregnancy. Grandma tales and home made medications are to be followed only after the advise of the gynecologist. Read a few good stories, watch nice movies, take a stroll on the beach and feel the fresh whiff of a mother-to-be feeling. Pregnancy also is a time of apprehensions, doubts, advises and lack of knowledge. This is more high if the pregnancy is for the first time. Though many times the second pregnancy is quite a different experience.

A common problem is temporary diabetes which occurs during pregnancy. Surprisingly this recedes after delivering the baby. There is no need to be apprehensive because this is not an everlasting condition. As the body becomes less sensitive to insulin, the blood sugar is high and hence the doctor may advise you to go on a low sugar diet. As the glucose is already high one may face troubles if one is addicted to sugar cravings. Moderation and exercising control for a few months is a handy remedy to give birth to a healthy child.

The most common problem is that of morning sickness and nausea. This causes great discomfort and many times there is relief while throwing up. It is quite natural that one experiences heart burn and acidity. There is this tight kind of feeling over the diaphragm and this kind of increases in the last trimester. Many times morning sickness is cured with home made advises from the doctors like ginger and lemon mixture or eating a dry piece of food like a cracker or bland biscuit at the time of waking up. The idea is to let yourself loose and overcome the feeling that something is wrong. If the vomiting is severe it could cause dehydration with a drained feeling. This is easily corrected with anti nausea medication and also drips to make up the water loss. This is controllable and not a cause of concern.

Preeclampasia is a condition related to swelling of hands and feet, high blood pressure and high protein content in the urine. Many times it is triggered due to inactivity or genetic structure. The risk is high for the mother and child and the person might be put on bed rest or certain preventive methods. Any expectant mother would gladly abide by the advise of the doctor and restrict harmful actions not to hamper the growth of the fetus.

Folic acid is a general prescription and avoiding the same may result in congenital defects and low birth weight. Anaemia is a serious condition and can cause low energy levels in the mother which also hampers the development of the baby. High blood pressure during pregnancy is also common and bed rest, avoiding certain foods and salt is essential. Convey to the doctor about any artificial method used in conceiving, your allergies in medicine and food items.

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