Pregnancy Facts

Whether you are pregnant or just about to conceive, there are some weird pregnancy facts you may have never been informed about. These things may or may not happen during pregnancy and people generally prefer not to talk about it.

Most pregnancies last for about nine months and if it extends for more than that, doctors do induce labour. But it is possible to remain pregnant for a whole year. The world’s longest pregnancy lasted for about 375 days with the baby weighing just a little less than 7 pounds.

Pregnancy Facts Most moms refuse to think of their bay boys getting erections even when they grow up to be teenagers. But the fact remains that many boys have erections while still in the womb.

Nine out of ten women have some type of vaginal tearing during child birth. Some require only a few stitches or a little care, but the really bad cases tear up from the vagina all the way to the anus! Some do even affect the muscles beyond the anus. Massaging the area prior to delivery can reduce tearing.

At the time of delivery it is common for women to accidentally expel the contents of the bowel. This is because the muscles used to push the baby out are the same ones ordinarily used during a bowel movement. Even though enema is often administered prior to labor, it doesn’t stop the mess from happening.

Glowing skin is a very real thing when it comes to a pregnant woman. This is because when you are pregnant, the amount of blood in your body increases by 50 percent. The extra blood shows up through the skin, particularly the cheeks and you end up glowing beautifully.

While pregnant, your sense of smell increases manifold, and so does your sense of taste. Scientists opine that this is to help pregnant ladies avoid eating even small levels of toxins that can be dangerous to the foetus.

Most moms will still experience contractions for the first few days after childbirth. These muscle cramps are the body’s mechanism of stopping excess blood loss.

Do not listen to anyone tell you to eat for two. Most pregnant women need only an extra 300 calories a day. If you are tempted by an occasional dessert, do sneak up to have an extra!

The excess pressure on your feet paired with relaxed ligament on the body makes your feet to start losing their arch and stretch out on the sides. Your feet would grow up to one full shoe size.

In some cases, the father starts experiencing cramps in his lower abdomen. This is known as sympathetic pregnancy.

Hope you enjoyed reading some interestingly weird pregnancy facts!