Pregnancy and yoga

Post pregnancy time is not about nursing children and nappy changes. There is much to look forward in joyful expressions, little tantrums and demand for breast feed by the new born. New borns are serious individuals and you will be in awe of your own abilities to feed the child regularly, check for nappy leakages and also appear enthusiastic after a sleepless night. The post pregnancy pain, healing of stitches and adjusting to sleep times of a new born is purely a temporary phase. The more you are relaxed, the more easy will life be.

Yoga is known to relax the body through your mind. Mind yoga and relaxation is a technique required to lower stress in daily life. Prenatal time should be stress free and a preparation time for motherhood and hence using techniques in yoga becomes an aid. Yoga poses for prenatal are specially structured so as to give maximum benefit to the fetus and yourself at the same time comfort is the prime component.

A guide is essential in life and create confidence in your yoga teacher. Take the opinion of you gynecologist and then enroll yourself in the yoga center. Choose one that is guided by your doctor or if you have an option choose the one that is close in your vicinity so as to cut travel time and related discomfort. Pranayama are breathing techniques which is useful for all. Special inhale and exhale features in anulom/vilom is useful throughout pregnancy.

As the baby grows inside, discomfort increases. The girth of your tummy, the gait of your walk is all elephant like. Take pride in being pregnant and look forward to enjoying your yoga classes. This can also turn out to be bonding times with like minded expectant mothers and one can take cues from experienced mothers there.

Prenatal urdva hastasana is a deviation from the traditional surya namaskar pose. This modified pose is excellent for general well being and standing in tadasana is a must. Balasana widens the cervix and pelvis. Inverted poses are extremely good to ward of back problems and also is recommended in post natal too. Abs get stronger with Gomukhasana. Avoid exercises that are more abdominal or focused on the upper thigh and groin area are to be avoided. Ultimately each body is different, even a normal body cannot perform all asana and stretch comfortably on all days.

Yoga tames the mind, relaxes you for the main event. Yoga at the last trimester opens the cervix to help you sail through a happy delivery. Believe in your gynecology and continue yoga after delivery too. This tones and shapes the tummy muscles and combat post partum stress. Nothing is correct except the instructions of a qualified and experienced trainer.

The science in yoga is much advanced to later allow you to go through the delivery process and the asanas are chosen of the trimester. This eases the body of feeling full and helps in making the nine months enjoyable as the body is active and does not feel bloated.

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