Precautions To Be Taken While Parenting Children!

Most children do what they see, hear or as per their experience. Especially small children have no understanding of good/bad, right/wrong, legal/illegal, etc. Until children mature by themselves, they have no decision making power unless an amount of responsibility is placed upon their shoulders. Generally, children below 18 years of age should not burdened with responsibility but must be taught to act responsibly.

Until children become mature adults, parents must take pre-cautions while parenting their children:

  • No Smoking/drinking in front of children. Children must be made aware that smoking and drinking can be injurious to health.
  • Make a note of what your child eats, drinks, etc.
  • Make a note of what your child watches on television and reads in newspapers or magazines.
  • Make a note of who all are his/her friends and the kind of people your child meets.
  • Make sure that your communication channels are open for your child to be receptive and proactive to what you say. Make sure you let your child express their feelings openly without any hesitation.
  • Make sure you do not burden your child with responsibility.
  • Make sure you do not keep complaining about your child’s behavior to them. Don’t criticize or condemn their actions as that will only increase the irrational behavior.
  • Make sure you keep toxic or harmful substances away from the reach of your children.
  • Make sure you teach your children that they should not play with fire or electricity.

Taking pre-cautions does not mean that you do not your child express and experience his/her freedom completely. Let your understand why you, as a parent, are taking pre-cautions for your children. Make sure you make them understand your love.

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