Playing with your child

I think one of the alarming parenting issues of recent time is the lack of time that parents are spending with their children and helping them develop their brain. It is commonly believed that home is the biggest school for a child where majority of his learning occurs. Do you play with your child? Your child can learn a lot through simple things like playing puzzles, games and even talking to them.

Today’s parents are comfortably making their child sit in front of TV so that they can finish their work and other chores. However, matter of the fact is that your child can learn a lot even if you just involve him in some activity or sit next to him or play a puzzle with him. As parents it is in your hands to think of a creative way for your child to spend his time, or else it is cartoons and the idiot box all through.

Working mothers can set time aside at least thrice a week if not everyday for playing with their child. Playing games like jigsaw puzzle and scrabble can actually develop your child’s mind and can be a great way to have fun with your child while he is learning.

Other board games like business can also be played. Infact games like these should be played by the entire family. Make sure that the puzzles you are playing with your child are age appropriate otherwise your little ones may find it either too easy or too difficult. Playing video games with your children is not bad. It is bad when it is done in excess. An hour of video games once a week can actually improve hand and eye movement.

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