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Playing is relaxing and a great stress reliever for adults and kids. Family games would be interesting. There are numerous game ideas for indoor and outdoor games. Rugby is for boys and girls do skipping is pretty outdated and holds no truth. Introducing kids to games from an early age builds their muscles and bones. Kids have better dexterity and supple bodies which mould them into activities quickly.


Skating or gymnastics is a great game enjoyed by kids. The balance and gait tones up their calf and thigh muscles which improves their confidence. Summer camps offer a variety of indoor ideas too which builds skills in the child. A simple game to be played in the family on a lazy Sunday could be passing the pillow. Surely rewards are essential and the winner gets a token.


It is surely not right to please the child’s ego by letting him win at games. Board games are mind works. Pictionary builds memory and expression. There are word games that enhance vocabulary. Rolling the dice on snakes and ladders of a game of ludo would be the best way to unwind after dinner.


Online games are great choices that are available in simple downloads. It is very important to check the security and legality of such websites. Keep a check or play along with your kid for internet games. There are racing games and also castle-spooky games which children love. Some games are theme based and also perfect for toddlers as they learn about alphabets and numbers.


Though participation is important the child must know rules of all games. Winning is necessary and motivating but violence or excessive aggression is not required. Parents participating in any game is a thrill for kids. Let them play hide and seek among themselves or use the play park area. Most outdoor games also take out the fear from the minds of kids.


Accidents while at games can be avoided with supervision and control. Unavoidable incidents should not stop the child from further participation. The role of parents or older siblings is vital for the child from the ‘peek-a-boo’ stage to the course in ‘ice skating’.

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