Parenting Your Kids The Most Natural Way!

Kids love fun and so does everyone. They like those swings in the garden and even the toys stored in the kiddies room. Kiddies love to meet Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Snooby Doo, Batman & Robin, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and many more cartoon characters in person. They love their company around and all the fun that surrounds them. They love amusement parks, candy shops, ice creams, soft toys and fun-and-fairs. They love video games, computer games and all indoor/outdoor games. they enjoy all the excitement. Most kids love to play a lot and it is certainly natural for them to have more fun than adults as kids take life very enthusiastically.


Kids love to explore life as they feel afresh and take each day as a new day. Many kids, most of them, would just love to play and enjoy life rather than sit and study. It is a very common problem for parents to get their children studying.


Many parents punish their children for not studying. That wont do any good. As a parent, you’re inducing hatred for studying within the child. Even though the child might start studying because you, as a parent punished the child for not studying, the child wont give his/her best and focus on what he/she has been forced upon unwillingly. This leads to a shocking state of mind that suppresses their communication and expression. Instead of getting the child on the right track and getting the child interested in studying, a parent has discouraged and depressed their child so much that now the child lives in a fearful state of mind. The parent is now encouraging negative thinking within the child through punishment. Children will start developing the habit of lying because their parent is forcing them to study instead of what they love doing the most: playing.


Playing is a child’s nature and a child must be given to play as much as possible because a childhood just comes once in a lifetime, not again.


Childhood is bliss.


Make children play while they study. Transform their study into fun and all play. Make their study like a story. To be honest, my mom did make stories from my textbooks that I could remember and understand easily.


Remember –


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!”


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