Parenting Your Children With Love!

Love is all what life is. Loving your child utmost can be the most precious gift that you as a wonderful parent would like to give your children, right? For every parent, their child is a gift of god and that is why, parents cherish their children all their lives. Parents give everything to their children whatever their child desires and do make sure their child is contended.

Now, is it necessary for you to fulfill all desires that your child aspires..?

Yes or No?

No, not at all. The child desires and so they have to learn to achieve what they desire. If as a parent you start fulfilling all the desires of your child, your child will become uncreative, lazy, and very demanding.

Fulfilling your child’s desires is not a bad thing to do if at all you know when to fulfill their desires and when not to.

Loving your child and fulfilling their desires are two different things. A child can be loved in innumerable ways and fulfilling their desires is just one of them. A parent requires to be very creative to make their child happy and fulfilling.

There are some ideas that you need to implement if you want you child to know that you love them a lot and you wish them all the best.

  • Listen to your children carefully.
  • Be best friends with your children rather than a parent.
  • Always be realistic.
  • Let your child speak freely in whatever way they want to with you.
  • Don’t limit your child while instilling values of social etiquette.
  • Make them realize their individuality, their identity and their personality.
  • Talk to them, play – eat – sing – dance with them.
  • Share everything, as much as possible depending upon the maturity of the child.
  • Hug them, kiss them and let them know you are always their for them.
  • Teach them ideas and thoughts that help them to develop self-respect and self-belief.
  • Take them on a ride to a park or a picnic every few weeks.
  • Don’t impose your thoughts, views, opinions and beliefs on them. Let them realize. That’s life.
  • Don’t criticize or condemn them. Don’t complain, take initiative. Appreciate their good deeds as and when possible.
  • Let them learn by themselves.
  • Be A Sport!
  • Let them know they are powerful, creative and naturally full of love – life – light.
  • Always have fun together!!!

 Be an inspiring parent who knows how to be not just a good parent but a great one!







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