Parenting Workshops To Better The Know-How’s Of New Generation parenting

Did you ever think that in the past generations a term called Parenting Workshop would ever be in use?

Why do you think that is? What could be the possible reasons for the existence of such a workshop and nowadays, for many a parent, a need based tool?

What are the reasons behind the innate need to have a regular updating in your parenting skills?

Let’s try to answer the above with logic and sensbilites. Children are like sponges, they grasp what they hear and they grasp what they see. Years and decades ago, there was no concept of a cellular phone or a Television with Cable tv. There was less exposure and therefore, fewer chances of children breaking rules and fewer chances of children rebelling.

Today, it is a set trend, especially in metropolitans like Mumbai, for children to act out and act rebellious and in the process, have a communication gap that later goes on to be filled with the aid of much-needed tools like Parenting Workshops.

What do Parenting Workshops provide?- Well, for starters, they provide an insight into the minds of children from a parent’s point of view. These workshops are designed to allow parents to understand children. To render understanding to a child’s point of view is a kick-start to a good communication between parents and children. These workshops vary in their duration and number of days. They instill advice in parent’s minds about recognizing the needs of children in their indirect way of showing their needs, for instance, through rebellion or outrage or outbursts . By recognizing those needs, a better solution is possible. A harmony is formed. This is called decoding a child’s behavioural pattern. Learning methods to instill discipline yet not be harsh is a equitable balance and it is like walking on thin ice. A parent has to be cautious and has to keep in mind the level of flexibility to possess. These workshops give a certain new kind of confidence to the parents to deal with their child. Teenage years are often, complicated because the child and parent face new obstacles and difference of opinions on nearly every topic discussed and this becomes a challenging situation, but these workshops train parents to keep a grip on their mind and their actions and try to understand the different changes that their child is going through emotionally and psychologically and with that knowledge, parents find it simpler dealing with those bratty teenage behavioural patterns. Last of all, Harmony at home gives a child a breath of fresh air. Unity between parents and harmony at home is a contributing factor towards a positive development for a child.

Children are the future of the country – It’s a popular quote and it’s true. It’s similarly true that children belonging to this generation are far more exposed and far more aware than any other generation of the past and the future will only increase this quotient. Therefore, parents too need to keep up the pace of updating their parenting methods and keep on par with the updating of the exposure the kids receive…!!

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