Parenting To Delight Your Children!

Children are very playful indeed when they are young and growing up. The want to win over the world and give a big longing smile to whomsoever wishes them well enough. They are just longing to grow faster. Sometimes, you will wonder them saying:


“Mama, why are these people so tall? Can’t I just grow up like them?”


Their expressions are so innocent and so heart-blossoming that you cannot resists giving them a kiss on their cheeks and a waaaarrrm hug 😉 !


Their dreams explain everything. They will tell you what they want to become. Maybe another Sachin or Sourav, or maybe another hollywood movie star…


Make a note. They have just begun dreaming and make sure they dont get lost into their dreams too much that it is difficult for you to get them back to reality.


Let them dream cheerfully - day and night and you will find stars right into their eyes. Know their heart’s imaginations very well if you want to be called a great parent indeed. Dreams carry thoughts, emotions and desires at one time. If you know what they dream, you can know what they think, feel, desire at the same time.


Be a good parent. Help your child fulfill their dreams and your child will never forget your love ever, especially if you express your love for them in every way possible.  Delight your children with occasional gifts. Make them happy 🙂


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