Parenting Teens

Parenting, as they say is a tough job. It is filled with fun, enjoyment but responsibility as well. Parenting is a process that goes through out the life. With advancing age and growing up of kids, the role keeps changing. From guide to advisor and friend, parenting covers a wide spectrum of roles for any parent. That way, it can be safely said that parenting can never be boring. One of the toughest challenges for a parent is to handle teenagers. This phase plays a vital role in shaping up of kids to responsible adults. Often known as troubled phase with lots of ups and downs, teenage is very crucial in any youngster’s life. Quite often this phase is accompanied by transformation at various levels. Schools, colleges, friends, relationships etc find new dynamics.


Teens go through number of changes and worries every single day. It’s every parent’s desire to see the teenage of their ward go smoothly but that is not really possible. Parents need to come up with new methods to handle this dreaded phase. They also need to be more accommodative and restrained in their approach. Teenagers often turn rebellious if confronted with more riles and regulations. Then it becomes a parent’s job to handle this phase as effectively as they can.


One of the basic steps that must be taken by the parents is showing respect to the teens. They must be provided the assurance that they will be treated with utter respect and love in every situation. Their mistakes can be handled in a more democratic way. It also pay to listen to them as calmly as possible. There is no point being aggressive with the teens. Teens tend to come across several new things and they feel excited about sharing it. It is parent’s responsibility to deviate from their routine and pay attention to what teens are saying. Parents should also take out time for teens. One thing that must be taken care of is judgment factor. It’s very easy to be judgmental but if parents try not to be so they will find new happiness and improvement with their teens. It also pays to compliment them for their achievements. These are few suggestions to make your ties stronger with your teens.


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