Parenting- Laughter Therapy

The magical effect of laughter has the ability of healing troubled souls. There must be some truth in the saying that laughter is a great medicine. So why are we talking about properties of laughter? Because that’s where our focus is in this post. Parenting, as we all know is no easy task. It is a process, a journey that involves lots of ups and downs. But there is a difference in the parenting job. The difference is the fact that it is a thankless job and parents don’t really expect any monetary rewards for their years of job. However, the biggest satisfaction lies in the fact that parents turned their kids into productive citizens and better humans.


Parenting is a stressful job. Point is how parents can make this an enjoyable experience. First and foremost try to ignore little tidbits that often turn you off. Parents can’t afford to get all charged up on every small issue created by the kids. There must be numerous occasions when you feel embarrassed because of children but then try learning to laugh in such situation. Thereafter, you can have your own sweet time to make the child understand the actual situation. Children do lean and they learn at a faster speed. Laughter also acts as a defense as well as coping mechanism.


Often kids behave in unruly manner and in such times tantrums rule over the rules. Use this laughter trick as a method of distraction. More than anything, laughter is a useful trick with kids. It works and it makes you feel stress free as well. At times, it may look little awkward but try using it anyways. You will soon find the method a win-win situation for yourself as well as for your children. 


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