Parenting Challenges

parenting-challengeWe all realize and accept that parenting is a full time job. It entails lots and lots of responsibilities and accountability. It is a fulfilling, deeply satisfying and yet a hard job. Parents face a lot of problems while handling their kids. They often go through set of questions pertaining to child’s behavior. It could be related to child’s tantrums or teenage rebellious nature. From sex to drugs, parents have to tackle a vast course of contents. Indian family structure is still shy about several issues. Though, a beginning has been made in many families by the educated parents, yet there needs to be done a lot in this regard. Sometimes parents find themselves hapless because of so many challenges offered by parenting. One thing is sure, parents can never stop caring and worrying about their children. Even though, child grows up and becomes a mature adult yet parents will always care about him.

Parenting has several styles like democratic or authoritative or disciplinary etc. but whatever style parents choose to handle their kids, one thing will always be there at the core of parenting; the word ‘effective’. No matter, what style you choose, it has to be effective and honest. Parenting requires utmost honesty and sincerity. This is one job that can never be done with half-hearted effort. Children acquire utmost importance in the life of a parent.

Parents need to be very positive while dealing with kids. They should always approach of encouragement. They are the ones who influence and motivate kid the most and they must take words and action seriously. Wrong words/deeds shown by them can affect child in negative way. Remember, you kid is always watching and learning from you. If you are positive, your child will get self-esteem and belief

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