Parenting: Answering Questions Of Your Growing Child!

Small children have questions and it is very natural for them to have questions. Questions remain incomplete until they are completed by fulfilling answers. And there are only two people who can answer their questions… parents i.e. possibly you and your spouse.


Sometimes children just ask questions that cannot be answered to them right at that moment because of their age and maturity levels. However, children have to made aware about certain things like:






Toxic substances


Guns and Explosives

Any other devastative substances


What would be the right age to explain your child about sex in particular and other things as mentioned above? Can you as a parent openly explain SEX and its process to your child? Would you explain the process or let the child discover it from their peers by themselves?


Firstly, the child generally learns about things like SEX while he/she reaches secondary school. By the time your child reaches 14 years of age, most children are already aware about the process of SEX. It would be a good time to openly discuss the process of SEX without any hesitance at this age. Amongst other things, a child must be explained about the ill-effects of toxic substances, smoking, drinking, guns, gases, fire and other harmful substances.


Secondly, it would be a better choice on your part to tell the child about sex, sex-related diseases such as AIDS, and dangers related to sex. Sex education is taught in many schools by the time your child reaches 1oth grade (S.S.C.) in school. This way, you can make them aware about the dangers of practicing unwarranted sex and that too at such a young age even before any of their peers discuss and share it with your child.


Thirdly, it is your job as a parent to open them up and let them share each and every bit of the day/week/year with you. They must not hide anything from you otherwise it will be difficult for you to trust them at a later stage of life. Inculcating this habit of sharing every piece of their heart and mind within your children can really open up your world to a more lighter experience of parenting your child without any issues or difficulties.

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