Overwhelming Motherhood

Motherhood was the only one thing I was cent per cent sure of having in my life. I struggled nine years to get my angel in my hands. I lived the roughest phase of my life in those years. I was emotionally tormented. And then by the grace of almighty I became mother. I was sure to do wonders. I thought I would excel in this role.

For a small baby who has just opened the eyes in this beautiful earth, mothers are always there to fulfil every need. I was also a part of this proud mother’s club and the initial days of journey proved me right. I thought I am a born mother who would never have those shady patches where I would crave for my lonely time.

But I wasn’t true. Babies are not the same in all the stages of life. As they grow, they put your patience meter on check, to an extent that motherhood seems to be overwhelming.  With the exhaustion levels increasing, the days tend to be longer than nights. Maintaining a work life balance with cranky babies, throwing tantrums every moment it challenges your motherhood skills. Those messy high chairs with hands dribbled in cheese is a big turn off. Sometimes you wonder how and when this phase will set right? You become clueless how to take you out of this overwhelming situation.

With my personal experience I have come up with the following guidelines that I stick to. They help me boost my patience level to overcome the overwhelming situations:

1). Have a friend you can share your heart with.  Sharing with your partner, puts you in doubt if you are being judged. Once all your frustration is vented out, it helps you calm down your senses and you can start afresh to cherish those cuddles and nags to seek your attention.

2). Don’t feel guilty when you have a “ME Time”. It actually helps you give extra love to your little one.  Remember, your love for your baby is shown in the quality moments not the quantity. So instead of burdening with guilt, use that time to devise new ways to develop a stronger bond with your kid.

3). Be a baby yourself. When my darling daughter just doesn’t listen to anything (she is just 18 months who doesn’t talk yet), I start speaking her language. I imitate her crying, join her with the same pitch and it does wonders. She actually soothes down and looks at me to figure out what has gone wrong with me.

We all mothers at some point of time tend to lose our temper and wish to run away. But remember challenges make life worth living.  It’s the rough phase that helps us shape into beautiful individuals.


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