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Reading habits are essential for children. If subscribing to children’s magazines is not suitable for your child’s age, it is better to introduce them to all kinds of writings that are found in newspaper. Each morning in every household begins with a cup of tea and a newspaper. Newspaper consists of reliable information and facts that are interesting for all ages. Certain newspapers also contain a supplement that is exclusive for kids. These also give opportunities for kids to participate in simple craft and drawing competitions.


Per se newspaper reading will be boring for kids. It is a matter of habit. A child in the secondary section will be more interested in sports column and toddlers will certainly love to point out at cartoons and caricatures. When reading becomes a habit for children they will naturally look out for information. In the formative years show the child the rare animal or a glacier in the newspaper. They love to marvel and collect pictures of rare happenings.


Comic strips are loved by children and they begin to relate to the character. The daily reading of the comic will eventually introduce them to towards looking into other news in the later years. There is news about finance and stock exchanges which is simplified in the newspapers. The idea is to get them to know about current affairs which are essential when they step out of school/college and head towards competitive CET and Group discussions.


Many students do not like to read but a newspaper reading habit can actually become addictive. In this age of information and transparency it is important for the college kid to know about available opportunities, career choices. Glamour seems to be the main attraction for kids but it is ok because ultimately this is also a medium of interest and helps in contributing to a topic of general discussion.


When a person reads about a celebrity or a particular topic as a national issue the interest is generated and regular reading whets the appetite further. Knowing about achievers and general current affairs and other countries will also improve the general knowledge of kinds and hone the over all personality of the child. This is important for improving vocabulary and quality reading comes through newspapers.

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