New Year Resolution For The Kids

“New Year’s is the only holiday that celebrates the passage of time. Perhaps that’s why, as the final seconds of the year tick away, we become introspective. Inevitably, that introspection turns to thoughts of self-improvement and the annual ritual of making resolutions, which offer the first of many important tools for remaking ourselves!”

– Gary Ryan Blair

New year is a good time. And no, I am not talking about the unlimited beer offers from the party spots. You can coax your kids into many new things. Things, that can masquerade as New year resolutions. Yeah, I know the New Year resolutions never worked for you, but hello, you want your kids to be a notch above you, right?


So, what all can we ask (coax?) our kids to do? A lot. But hey kids look for incentives. And no “good health” is ¬not one of them. Look forward to giving them something that they have always lusted for. Bicycle? Why not. Yes, it is expensive, but then, your kids are definitely worth it. And this will give them the incentive to work towards the resolution.


OK now, the 7 things that you can ask your kids to do. In absolutely no order of preferences.


(1.) I will brush my teeth twice everyday.
(2.) I will drink milk regularly. I will also increase intake of fruits. And less cold drinks
(3.) I will limit the time I play video games and use them for outside sports (Do not ask them to cut their overall time on leisure, you will fail miserably. They are kids. Kids are smart)
(4.) I will keep my bedroom organized. Books, pencils, toys, all in place.
(5.) I will not give out personal information like name, phone number, address photos when communicating with someone over the internet , mobile or any other media
(6.) I will always take care of grandparents and look after them. Actually, in general, I will be more sensitive towards the elderly people.
(7.) I will take two additional sports and practice them regularly.


So, here you go. Using these along with a lot of love, a bit of flattering and good reasoning can help your kid achieve all that which you have always wanted him to do.


It will be good if you can let us know about how successful you were able to implement these guidelines.


Happy Parenting.

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