new born parenting

Caring for a new born can be a full time task. New mothers are overwhelmed with the new demands of the child and also are conscious of handling the child with maximum comfort. A new borns skin is often prone to peeling and is a natural occurrence. Massage is usually not recommended by doctors these days but a gentle finger movement is soothing to the child.


It is true that the new born takes time to focus things and their eye sight is not near perfect. The biggest problem parent’s face is sleep deprivation. The sleep times of a new born are erratic and broken nights are a very common issue. Mothers lactate almost immediately after the birth of the child and yet the process of feeding is a learning experience.


New borns are usually made to suckle but there is no general rule that the learnt it right the first time. Patience is the first virtue that a new mother learns. The cycle of nappy changing and feeding is almost a round the clock routine. It is fine to seek help or engage a helper so that the chores can be shared. Breast pumps are also recommended by many doctors which facilitate feeding the child while the mother can rest for some hours in the night.


Times do get tough when kids fall sick but this how nature improves their immunity. The first year is usually tough but kids outgrow all kinds of allergies or illnesses once they complete their initial years. Keep the immunization schedule handy and other things like birth certificates with multiple copies/attestations so that related paperwork is easy. New born parenting is a very emotional experience and look out for the sudden smiles, frowns and gurgles which will make you capture each moment by clicking lots of pictures.

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