New academic year

Academics are the primary aspect of a student’s life. Children are usually enthusiastic about the new academic year and look forward to bond with their classmates. Usually preparing the child for change is not very difficult. Generally schools shuffle the earlier strength in the class and hence this is a new opportunity for kids to bond with new friends.


In case the child has changed the school or board then this calls for more attention towards the child in coping with studies. Though the pattern of teaching is similar in all schools with modern concepts in pedagogy it is still necessary to adapt to certain standards prescribed by the school. Teachers play an important role in inculcating discipline and as parents we must also make some time to look into the books and syllabus.


Change of location or geography is a great adjustment factor to all of us. Relocation blues are felt by young and old and it is very easy to make the child like the new area. Introduce them to a wider social circle and entertainment centers and also help them bond with their classmates. Shifting the board would also require extra coaching but the child must never feel the pressure of studies.


Homework’s can be fun time if limited as per time table. Crucial academic years again make it necessary to mandatory allot time lines and study parameters. Though not in a rigorous way, children have their own priorities in choosing their study time. Play school children take some time to adjust with being away from their parents and it is just a matter of time.


Play time and relaxation is a must for each child and working parents put in a lot of effort to bond with them. Help them with balanced work-play time table and yummy-healthy snacks tucked in their Tiffin’s which is another source of entertainment for them .

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