Natural Medicines for Children

Childhood is a very precious time for every child and his parents. A child wants to enjoy so many things like playing, eating different things etc but parents mostly do not allow their child to play outdoor games or eat outdoor eatables due to safety concerns. parents always are concerned about the dust allergies or flu becuase of outside air contaminations and deceases from bad quality outside food. Usually children are more prone to allergies because of dust and polluted air since their immune system is not as strong as a grown up. If any child frequently gets caught to such deceases than giving him the usual medecines can go dangerous for his future strength as the human immune system ceases to accept the remedial effects of a drug if overused. Synthetic drugs also leaves a bad effect on the body if used for a long time since early childhood. But medicines are compulsary for curing the child, so we have an alternate of natural medicines. Natural medicines or herbs never affect the immune system rather they boost it. Natural remedies for infants dont have any side effects as the synthetic drugs. There are so many home remedies for infants that can easily cure the smaller deceases like flu, fever, cough etc.

BASIL LEAVES – It is the most common and effective herbal plant in any indian home. It’s leaves have good remedial qualitiies in flu, cough, fever, body pain and many other deceases. It also cures the immune system.
GINGER – It is also a herb which is vey beneficial as a natural madicine. It is basically a root. It could be used as a digestive aid, pain reliever, throat relief, cough etc. It also has ulcer preventing properties.
TURMERIC – It is a herb which has maximum variety of uses. It is used in the indian curries and empowers immune system. If taken with milk, shows anti- microbial attributes. If applied on the skin, bruises or wounds, works as antibacterial medicine. It also works as anti- inflammatory, anti- fungal and antseptic herb. It also has aromatic properties.
ALOE-VERA – It is a well known name in the herbal medicines. It helps to reduce swellings, cures wounds, improves digestion when eaten, It’s pulp is very good for skin as a beautifier agent.
GARLIC – It is used in indian curries and very good for many health reasons. It is immunity booster, digestion booster, prevents stomach deceases etc.
These are some natural home medicines That are very effective for children and easy to find but have amazing effects.