Myths Surrounding Teething Problems

Me n my baby had a long beautiful day playing together. In the night after feeding her she was still not sleeping. She was crying too loud. We thought it’s due to irritation caused by teething. And yes we were right at least we thought so. She had shown first signs of teething trouble, she had diarrhea. In nine hours of night she pooped ten times. Morning she had fever too. Worried we took her to doctor early in the morning.

To our surprise doctor said it’s nothing related to teething.  He gave us full gyan on what causes diarrhea. It was shocking to know that doctor suspected she might be picking things from ground and eating them. I was confident that she was doing nothing of that sort. Whole day she was with me, how could i miss seeing her grabing things. He advised me to watch her more carefully.

In the evening the very same day ,  I saw her picking things from ground and putting in mouth, exactly the way doctor had suspected.

The myth I had been believing ever since I became mommy saw its end to entirety. This myth is told to you by everyone around you that once teething will start baby will have all these troubles. Please don’t believe it. If you are vigilant your baby will not have these troubles at all!! As there’s no connection between teething and diarrhea.

As a parent it will help many of you. Keep watch on your kids when they start teething. Due to itching in jaws they tend to put everything in their mouth which causes infection in their body. It can leads to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.

Keep giving them soft chewable food like cucumber, pear to use as a natural teether it will help. Babies don’t like artificial teethers but they enjoy chewing fruits. You can also try giving fruits like papaya, pomegranate wrapped in hygienic muslin cloth. Be sure to sterilize it every time.

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