Music as a Teacher

musicMusic has healing attributes. It is a great stress reliever and enlightens your mood and this eternal fact applies to people of all age groups including kids. But how many of us know that music can be a good teacher too? Now, that’s certainly a revelation for many parents. Parents can use music in an effective way to teach the child a number of things. This will help in stimulating child’s brain. According to some scientific research, music and math have a great connection. The logic behind it is very simple to understand. Elements like math, music and spatial understanding is controlled by the right brain whereas language is controlled by the left brain. So if child’s musical taste is developed it will also help in improving his mathematical aptitudes. Now, that is certainly an interesting find.

In the beginning parents should try to introduce different kind of music to the child. It could be pop, jazz, instrumental or classical. Slowly, make them identify different instruments like drums, piano and flute or guitar. Tell kids to focus on music and make sure it must be done in small time frames. Sit beside him and listen attentively. Slowly, child will be able to understand the beats.

Parents can choose to follow many innovative steps like choosing suitable dance music and dancing accordingly. Make your child observe you and slowly he will start joining you. Many kids learn to recognize rhythms at a very young age and the reason is free dancing encouraged by parents. It simply means moving to the rhythms without actually following any particular movement as such. Ask your child to make sound track or produce any sound he finds amusing or interesting. It could be waltz or twittering birds. Finally help the kid in identifying different sounds.

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