Music Activities For Toddlers

Toddlers are big responsibility but they can be big time fun as well. It’s a sheer treat to watch them play. Even parents can revisit their childhood while playing with toddlers. Toddlers are very energetic and active. They can play all day long. Ever watched them closely? It’s amusing the way they run, walk and hop around. These days’ parents try to arrange some productive way so that toddlers can be entertained. One of the better known productive ways is arranging music activities. Best part about musical toddler activities is that they are not only entertaining but educative as well. Toddlers tend to learn several things from these activities. For example, they can learn coordinating sounds and about movements.

Talking about some music activity ideas, one could be making music band where toddlers can be divided into different groups. Thereafter, next step will be of distributing one instrument like bells, shakers, or triangles to each of them and start playing it. The parents can teach kids here about how to proceed towards playing these instruments. Other activity could be teaching kids about coordination of rhymes with their body movements. Like for every sound the instrument makes, they can move their different body parts. This way, they will quickly learn how to coordinate and change the body movements in rhythm with music.

Dance and games with rhyming words are fun activities. Like, you can sing some lines and then ask the toddler to repeat it. Likewise, you can make some body movements and tell toddlers to follow your steps. This way, kids will be learning new tunes and phrases. Developing breathing control is another useful side effect of these exercises. Try doing these fun activities and you are going to relish this.

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