Motherhood transforms the being of a person. The entire outlook is changed. Life seems to have a new purpose. Priorities are re-aligned. But motherhood also means to hold a bit of time for ourselves and yet reach for the happiness of our family. Multi tasking is the biggest virtue of a mother. Juggling chores, trips to the PTA, buying craft items for your schooler and yet making the yummiest breakfast is the gamut of activities scheduled for a mother on routine basis.


Of late people are realizing more about making time for oneself often known as ‘ me-time. This is essential for rejuvenation of mind and body. Physical stamina can be cultivated but to calm the mind is highly important. A simple regime of workout or just relaxing with your favorite book most be held as a daily routine. It is true that love enhances by giving and yet it is important for a mother to be emotionally intelligent.


I remember that despite stoic endurance I had minimal guts to cut the fingernails of my 40 day old daughter. I was so jittery and bothered but then motherhood always makes one stronger. As days grew I was more focused in accepting that pain will also be a part of my daughter’s life. So when she took her first steps, I let her fall and come back on her own. This was my stepping stone or my personal milestone in making space for my baby.


Being a mother made me realize that I had often ignored to appreciate my mother’s porridge or the simple cotton singlet she made for me to be worn at home. Expectation is also high for a mother and we all want to be reciprocated in love. Motherhood means growing along with your child. Also it is important to understand the concept of space for the teenager and also have your own bit of space to help you be in track.



Mother’s day is certainly special but let us experiences the Joy of motherhood each day, unconditionally.

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