mothers day in india

When I became a mother that’s the time I actually got answers to a lot of questions. My mom used to be upset when I had a bruise and often tell me to be careful. I mistook her for being overly corrective until one day my Nishika fell from the slide and I did use the same words my mom told me. I realized that it was a part of caring except that I need to express myself more clearly.

Expression of love from a mother comes in various ways. Broken nights, nursing and shopping for comfy clothes for the new born brings within every mother a sense of responsibility. The reward received by a mother from the child in the form of a new word uttered, a silly twinkle and a mesmerizing smile is invaluable. Among cleaning, laying new dishes and arranging the baby’s closet, a mother also hyphenates the relation between a father and the child.

Extolling facts from mythology, teaching virtues and looking for the best curriculum amongst schools is the shared responsibility of both the parents. Kids often resemble their parents in terms of looks, habits and talents. For a mother, all her kids are similar. There is no differentiating despite their varied skills and achievements. A mother is blessed with a gift to multi task but there is a certain quotient of happiness which every mother deserves.

Often mothers get sacrificial in hurrying to catch the local, rushing home to cook dinner, work till mid night to do the chores and also juggle with other profiles. The true secret is that a happy person radiates happiness. Though the potential is high to do a number of activities perfectly it is essential for a mother to incorporate the basic principles of management in her own life – the mantra :- delegate. Finding a small corner in the daily paraphernalia summates to refreshment of energy. Motherhood is a truly a blessing and each day we learn something new.

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