Me-time for mothers

Nurturing is God’s gift to mothers. Caring for a new born is automatically inherited by a mother. There are tough times experienced while rearing a child during sickness, marking milestones and adjusting with the tantrums of a toddler. Somewhere down the line the mother becomes so giving that she completely ignores herself. As the child slowly settles into a routine, it would be nice for the mother to unwind in the small pleasures of life.


Read a book, watch your favorite slot on the television or take a nap. Arrange for a care giver to get the baby to sleep and you could use this time to hit the gym. Body image is important for all of us and a balanced diet is essential to create the feel good factor. As you feel rejuvenated you notice that you entire attitude towards mundane chores is done with more zeal. Helping the child to read, write and recognize things has to be scheduled.


Full time mothers too face stress as more or less the chores get similar. Cooking can be simplified into a cereal breakfast on Sunday mornings so that you could go to enjoy a stroll in promenade. Weekends does not mean laundry and arranging things in the fridge for a working mother. Delegate work to a helper and your spouse could also partake in a few things.


Me-time is essential to find your real self. Go to the spa, buy yourself a few cosmetics or just curl up in the sofa with the unfinished novel. Try out a new hair cut, discard the old pair of jeans and get a new coffee mug just for yourself. Its amazing that these simple things, which you have ignored about yourself suddenly seem to be life’s pleasures.


Me-time should not be a weekend schedule. Keep some time just for yourself where you can laze, think peacefully or meditate. Stress is accumulated and ends up in silent health problems which initially have no symptoms. Scheduling routine activities with breaks is essential for yourself. A mid-week visit to the mall, grouping with friends to the park with babies or hiring a domestic help for certain chores are simple solutions that will bring out the best in you for your family.

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