Make Food Fun for your Kids!

Is your little one always cribbing about eating healthy food? Have you found pieces of chapatti hidden below the pillow or under the bed?


This happens mainly because children don’t enjoy the way their food looks or tastes. All they desire is junk food! We have a solution to this problem. We will give you some brilliant ideas to make meals look more interesting and tempting to your tots. Let’s make food fun for kids!


The first thing children look at is appearance. If the food appears to be boring and monotonous, evil ideas of dumping the food somewhere start coming to their minds. So our first aim is to make their meal look mouth watering and exciting. You can do this by giving shapes to normal foods like sandwiches, rolls etc. and make them seem different and appealing. You can moreover make food look colourful by adding capsicum, sauces, chutney and other healthy but enticing ingredients to it.


To make salads tastier and fascinating add cheese and mayonnaise to them. If your little one makes a fuss about eating the usual “roti-bhaaji” then wrap the roti to give make it a Frankie with the same gravy, add some sauces and serve it to him. It’s a guarantee that the Frankie look will lure him and he will finish his meal in minutes.

Also, make fruit smoothies along with every meal and add strawberries, banana, apple or any other fruit pieces to it with a cube of ice.


Children need plenty of foods loaded with vitamins, minerals and other nourishment from their diet. It is very essential to make food interesting for your children or else they would skip some of the main nutrition and have an unbalanced diet. Also, to make them content and satisfied with their food, don’t forget include one of their favourite snacks with every meal.

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