Little chefs

Children love to experiment. It is a constant curiosity for them to know ‘what’s cooking’ and this is surely interesting for them. Culinary delights are not for their skill but they love to help you around. There are interesting things that can make a great time to build a rapport with new interactions. Collect a few children in the neighborhood and let them do they own cooking.


Appliances and gadgets are surely to be kept at a distance from them. There is every need to supervise the use of cutlery and ward off probable accidents. The best way to add a fun element is to do it professionally that means arranging for chef caps, a bit of arrangement in cutlery and other kids stuff. Peeling and mashing potatoes, deseeding the watermelon and pulping out a mango, setting jelly is done with lot of mischief and relish.


This is also a party idea where the kids cook and eat it food with lot of relish. Fixing a sandwich can be done with ready sauces, lettuce/salad leaves, cheese and jam which can be kept in small bowls for them. They may be given an introductory lesson and the rest can be left to them. Pizza toppings can be arranged with corn, diced carrots and capsicum. Kids love spreading the sauce or cheese. Let them grate the cheese as a topping on mini pizzas or sandwiches.


Decorating the idli with smiley faces or squeezing jam over it is another idea they would love. In case it is possible gather a few friends to make it a mother-child session during afternoons. This can be a great bonding time and kids love making new friends. For an annual party in the society, arrive at a concept of cooking. Accept entries as per family and arrange for an open competition.


Bake a cake and let the kids do the icing. A bit of help and guidance is all they require. This encourages the fun element and helps bonding.

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