Listening to kids

Being a parent gives you a positional power at a subconscious level and often parents forget to listen what their children have to say to them. Sometimes, just listening to your child can be a great way to soothe them. Plain listening, not talking back means that you are trying to understand your children. You may or may not necessarily agree to what they have to say. It does not matter. What matters is the fact that you are listening to them. You are lending them your ears, your time and that surely make your kids feel that you are to listen to him or her. There are many parents who give million instructions to their kids, they will pose several restrictions on them without understanding or listening to what their kids have to tell them.


It is true that may be what your kid is saying is full of mistakes, full of lies; it is important not to correct them then. Listen till they complete what they have to say. Listen with sincerity. You do not need win to your kids.


 Be a parent that can hear the unspoken thought of your child. Children will feel that you understood what he or she was trying to say. There is nothing better than listening carefully to what children have to say – who knows sometimes you can get the best of ideas and the best of philosophies from your child’s words. 

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