Learning from my toddler!

My heartbeat, my world, my little wonder, my teeny tiny precious gift straight from hands of god. She’s soon going to turn two. In the past few months my journey with her has been very exciting.

When she came to my hands , they trembled, I had tears in my eyes. It was too big a responsibility to nurture a life. No doubt I had been waiting long enough for it , but I had my own fears as a mother. But she smiled straight into my eyes and that took my chills away.

In the beginning she was not comfortable being hugged. She gave us all signals , not to cuddle her. Gradually she started trusting the hugs. Thanks to hormones secreted by body when it’s a right hug. It’s oxytocin that decreases stress levels and soothes the person. We started connecting. Both of us were happy to have created a trust among us and started bonding.

Though she comforted my soul with her smile but her soft bones, wrinkled skin, sign language all was scary in the beginning. I had apprehensions about being a good mother. Will I be able to hold her right, will my massage pressure be too much for her to handle, am I feeding her right? Too many questions surrounded me everyday.

Gradually she signaled me when it was right for her , be it massage or food. She guided me in everything. I started following her hunger patterns. It became easy. She had fixed timings for her meal. I gave her milk before she cried. It made both of us happy. This way there was no uproar in the middle of the night.

Initially I kept a masseuse for her. But I found she wasn’t happy being touched by someone else. She would cry on highest pitch whenever she was touched by her. So it had to be ruled out soon. Then started my new assignment of being a masseuse. She made my life easy, here also. She smiled when I massaged her, she would usher me to the parts which she enjoyed . So we had a great time together.

Few months later, she started learning to sit and doctor suggested introduction of mashed diet , here I again had to observe her for few days. Soon her routine was set and my new task started. The task to excel as a cook.

Days became exciting for both of us when she was learning to sit on her own. She would fall and fall and rise again in her attempt to sit. After many failed attempts she learnt to sit on her own. It posed a big question before me am I not the same specie?? Then why failures bother me so much? Why don’t I rise again like her to overcome the odds. #lesson 1 – never loose heart .

Once she mastered the art of sitting, next task was learning to crawl. She hardly crawled for two days and started to walk with support. When she held support to hold her weight, her mind guided her through. Very consciously she would take steps.Those small small steps led to big one. It makes me remember how biggest problems can be solved taking those progressive baby steps. #lessson 2 – slow and steady wins the race.

Now her next step was to walk without support. This was most difficult step. She would fall hundred times. When she would leave support in between to walk free, she would annalyze well. She would be doubly sure before leaving and holding new support, whether it is the right move she would assess by first touching new support lightly before leaving the previous support. Her risk assessment took me by awe. Here, I learnt another big #lesson 3- analyze potential threats beforehand.

Each passing day she teaches me life’s lessons that I , as an adult have forgotten. All her lessons make me thank Almighty who has created all of us with same inborn traits which we do sometimes forget and let viruses malfunction his beautiful creation.

I hope she continues to take me by surprises and together we learn new things as we embark on this beautiful journey called “LIFE”.

It’s a bliss to see her getting connected with me, understanding my emotions, forgetting her tears seeing me in tears— nothing taught to her. It’s all imbibed in her by the creator himself.

She’s a beautiful melange of naughty and cutie. I am lucky to hold her as my mentor! She’s my teacher in her own ways.

Every toddler around teaches the same lessons of life…


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