Learning becomes fun when…!

Does your child frown when he or she is asked to recite numbers or alphabets? Does he run away at the sight of pencil and a notebook? Is your child uninterested in learning/studying? Well, it is necessary for parents to make their kids motivated to learn. How? – Make learning a fun activity. Portray the learning as something which will attract your child himself rather than you as a parents running after him to finish his homework.

One of the ways to make learning a fun activity is to incorporate music or a game into the learning. For example, rather than asking the child to recite numbers from 1 to 10, tell him that the moment you snap your finger he has to run to a particular point and recite the number loudly and come back. On doing this successfully he will be awarded with a sweet/chocolate or anything else. This incentive along with the excitement of running will make him want to recite his numbers properly.

Similarly, incorporating the study in poetry will allow your child to remember his lessons. You can also give him cues through pictures and symbols. While he is enjoying all the fun, make sure that he is learning which is what the objective of the activity.

You can also buy audio cassettes of nursery rhymes, alphabets, numbers that your child can listen to. The moment your child will hear his poems being sung by someone, he too will start reciting along with the audio. Now-a-days you even have videos of all the nursery rhymes on the internet which you child can view to remember rhymes easily.

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