Issue of Children Bragging

How many times, you have witnessed children boasting about their grades or parents? In fact, it is quite common among children. Some of them brag about their marks and mock their classmates. Some others say proudly and rather arrogantly about the new car their parents have got. A child can boast about anything and for any reason. One basic reason that stands out is their lack of self-belief and they try to cover it up by insulting others. That makes them feel good about themselves. It is almost like a universally proportion thing as they make mockery of others and in turn that lifts their spirit. Bragging is also done because of attention factor. Many a times, a child is not sure of his place or importance and by bragging they try to get attention in school or home. Some children feel very lonely and they try to make up for this by bragging as that will bring them instant attention.

Parents must be a worried lot if they find their child indulging in meaningless bragging. They should begin with helping the kid in gaining self-confidence. It is parents’ job to make the child believe that if they don’t brag they will gain more popularity and attention. Parents should be patient while explaining that bragging does not make you wanted and in fact it turns others off. Tell him, his achievements will be noticed even if he does not brag. People will acknowledge his personality and calm behavior.

Appreciate your child on a regular basis for every small good conduct. Give him a protective and encouraging environment. If children get love and attention in a balanced way, they will remain calm and won’t feel any need to brag. Shower your child with love and affection.

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