Is Your Child Suffering with ADHD?

Children get easily bored and restless after doing a certain activity over a period of time. This may motivate them to be hyperactive, naughty and curious unequivocally.


However, certain children are abnormally hyperactive and their parents have to keep a watch at what they are up to every now and then. This can get troublesome as parents have a lot of other responsibilities to complete during the day. A child’s hyper-activeness can be a cause of parents especially for those who have not diagnosed their child to check whether they have any disorder/difficulty.


Here are some questions that you must answer after accurately observing your child’s behavior.


Does your child have difficulty in focusing at one activity? Does your child show a lot of dis-attentiveness towards completing a certain task in hand? Does your child resists to sit still at one place? Does your child keeps fidgeting, jumping, running or doing any other activity constantly? Does your child do things without taking a precaution or thinking before doing it? Does your child remains hyperactive while performing all activities irrespective of the type of activity whether games, academics or hobbies? Does your child have learning difficulties or a swift change in moods?


If your answer to all of the above is a YES, then your child is suffering from what is known as “Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome”. What you must do is talk to a children’s counselor who may advise you to take your child to a specialized doctor for diagnosis.


If in case, you have realized that your child indeed suffers from the disorder, do not get shocked. Just be calm with your self as well as your child and resolve the situation. Be A Good Parent Today! Happy Parenting!

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