Is Your Child Clueless?

We are living in a world that keeps bombarding us with information at the sped of nanosecond. There is so much of information that sometimes it becomes difficult for mind to grasp all the situations. Now try imagining a child in that condition. His mind is not mature enough to grasp each and every news being thrown at us. But current affairs and general knowledge is a must have in times like this when so much depends upon one right decision. In that context, have you ever tried focusing upon how aware is your child? Whether his general knowledge fairly good, or is it simply insufficient below par? You must notice whether a child has an opinion on state of current affairs.

The charity begins at home. Start with giving your own example. For the uninitiated, encourage your child to read the newspaper on a daily basis. Soon, it will become his habit. This habit can’t be developed overnight. One good idea is to discuss headlines with your child so that he develops a keen interest in what is going around the world. Try not to dwell on just news. Your discussion could involve subjects like movies, music or sports.

The advantage of discussion is your child will be more interested in current affairs as you as parent will be leading by example. Child often follows his parents so if you yourself is into news and current affairs, naturally child will find it easier, comfortable and motivating enough to generate interest. It is a common sight now a day to find kids having poor general knowledge. They totally seem clueless of what is going around the world. This is definitely not an encouraging sign and at some point of his life child will find himself alienated. Command over general knowledge will make your child more confident and a better conversationalist.

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