Indian values and parenting

indianvaluesParenting is a wonderful experience. In India, each day is a learning episode in life. While narrating the glory of our prince and kings of the yesteryears, the freedom struggle of India and also the mythological power of Gods, we enrich little minds with the power of wisdom and benevolence. This is a gift we transfer from generation to generation and keep alive our values that is so intrinsic about India.

The daily ritual of early morning bath, observance of rituals, and important days of avoiding of certain foods is inculcated in children too as a family tradition. Parents despite their work pressure make it a point to chant mantras or read a passage from religious books in order to let the children know about our rich culture. The culture again is kept alive while observing yearly festivals and the daily prayers.

The real learning starts at home and parents also explain to children the rich tradition of guru and shishya that is highlighted by the stories of Eklavya and the observance of Guru Purnima. By way of respecting elders, seeking their blessings and asking their permission the mark of respect is always maintained by children towards their elders and grandparents. Parenting is just made wonderful when children grow up to be good human beings with their values agile despite so many worldly influences.

Our Indian value also denotes dignity which the freedom fighters maintained via protests and the spirit of ahimsa which was well told in the tough fight under the guidance of Mahatma. Earning titles and world recognition stalwarts like A.R. Rahman and Sachin Tendulkar are personified as grace and humility which makes them ideal human beings. The strength of a woman is seen in politics, achievements, career and also the mother who cooks for her children with lot of love and affection.

Parenting also instills an outlook that is secular where a family follows a religion and also respects the many traditions of our cultural influence. The values are highlighted when all Indians feel the Indianism while hoisting our national flag high during the national days. Though parenting books are excellent means to learn novel ideas related to parenting, our values present in us help us set us an example before our children and they follow the path of honesty, self respect and love.