Inculcating Reading Habit

If you want to gift your children something real precious then think of reading habit. I can be a lifetime gift that your children are going to cherish forever. They say, there are thousand ways to nurture and mould a child’s mind and none better than reading. There are several ways of media and communication but books have their own charm. The wonderful habit and effects of book reading is incomparable. But as a matter of fact, this habit is on decline. Advent of e-learning coupled with several mass media tools have contributed towards decline of book reading habit. In such conditions, it becomes duty of the parents to revive this culture.


A child with book reading habit is bound to have a multi-dimensional personality. He stands apart from the average crowd on the sheer basis of knowledge accumulated and understanding developed. Books can initiate a new door in the minds of children. They can be good friends and at the same time enhance his experience and perspective. Many kids love to read comics. For those kids, parents can further encourage them for adventurous or motivational or fantasy stories. These stories have different themes that can add elements of thrill and charm to his knowledge repertoire. Book reading habit can also make your child into a man with tremendous variety.


Other benefits of book reading include, sharpening of kid’s thought process and enhanced attention span. A child who has developed art of book reading is more likely to think and understand nuances of life. Book reading has academic importance also. Like, child will have better vocabulary and speech apart from improved memory aspect. Child will be more imaginative and vivid in his life. Lastly, child with a book reading habit is more likely to have stronger bonds with his parents.

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